DSA700 series Spectrum Analyzers



Entry level spectrum analyzers for education, IoT, hobby, and radio applications

500 MHz and 1 GHz models with option for Seamless Signal Capture, EMI, and more

Rigol’s DSA700 series spectrum analyzer makes radio, IoT, and educational/hobbyist measurements more accessible than ever with value analyzers designed for lower frequency RF test. The DSA700 shares the popular mechanical package of the DSA800 series analyzer with a focus on measurements below 1 GHz. The spectrum analyzer offers the ability to measure smaller signals using our digital IF filter, which allows for smaller bandwidth settings and reduces displayed noise levels. The DSA700 also distinguishes between signals with a frequency difference as little as 100 Hz. The DSA700 has the capability to monitor FSK signals with the 2FSK-DSA option. A complete spectrum analyzer for your low frequency signals and systems at an unprecedented price.

  • All-Digital IF Technology
  • Frequency Range :
    • 100 kHz to 500 MHz (DSA705)
    • 100 kHz to 1 GHz (DSA710)
  • -130 dBm Displayed Average Noise Level (Typ.)
  • <-80 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz Offset Phase Noise
  • Level Measurement Uncertainty <5 dB
  • 100 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth
  • Advanced Measurement Functions (Opt.)
  • EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit (Opt.)
  • PC Software (Opt.)
  • Optional RF TX/RX Training Kit
  • Optional RF Accessories (Cable, Adaptor, Attenuator …)
  • Complete Connectivity: LAN (LXI), USB Host & Device, GPIB (Opt.)
  • 8 Inch WVGA (800×480) Display

EMC: Conducted Emissions Precompliance with a Rigol DSA

Radiated Emission testing

RBW Explanation and Application of RIGOL Spectrum Analyzer

Download RF Basics Technolgy Guide

RF Design and Test Fundamentals from terminology through advanced EMI debugging

Rigol RF Basics

Included Accessories

  • Pre-amplifier
  • Instrument Quick Guide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Power Cord


SSC-DSA Real Time signal capture option for the spectrum analyzer.
Enables 1.5 MHz of real time capture for signals like FSK.
AMK-DSA800 Advanced Measurement Kit
EMI-DSA800 Pre-compliant EMC measurement option
EMI Filters & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit

Application Software

S1210 EMI PreCompliance Software for RIGOL Spectrum Analyzers.
Requires EMI option to be enabled on the instrument.
UltraSpectrum Software for the DSA800, DSA1000 and DSA1000A series spectrum analyzers.
To be used within the UltraSigma package.


USB-GPIB USB-GPIB Converter. Connect USB directly to instrument and control it via GPIB
BAG-G1 Soft Carrying Case
DSA-Utility Kit DSA Accessories Package including cables, adapters, and antennas
TX1000 RF Demonstration board with built in 1 GHz Oscillator, mixer, filters, and amplifier
RF CATV Kit Kit Including 50 to 75 Ohm  Adapter (2 pcs)
RF Attenuator Kit Kit Including 6 dB Attenuator (1 pcs), 10 dB Attenuator (2pcs)
ATT03301H 100 Watt 30 dB Attenuator
CB-NM-NM-75-L-12G RF Cable with N(M) / N(M) Connectors
CB-NM-SMAM-75-L-12G RF Cable with SMA(M) / SMA(M) Connectors
RX1000 RF Receiver test kit
NFP-3 Near Field Probe kit 30 MHz – 3 GHz, consist of 4 probes