emcware 6.0 EMC Test Software

EMC Test Software


EMCWARE® 6.0 EMC Test Software – The Latest EMC Test Solution From AR

Comprehensive EMC test software for radiated susceptibility, conducted immunity, radiated emissions, and conducted emissions

The latest version of emcware delivers the ability to test multiple tones at one time, reducing test time by up to 50%. All while still continuing to offer a lightning-fast setup time, over 500 predefined test profiles, and reverb immunity chamber validation.

With a streamlined user workflow and reporting templates to get you up and running faster than ever, it’s EMC test software that will transform your capabilities. From accelerated start-up to 1-click reporting, emcware 6.0 provides ease of use while minimizing error.


  • Multi-tone testing capabilities
  • 1-click reporting
  • 500+ test profiles
  • Easier than ever to learn and use

EMC Software Suite Version 6.0

  • Radiated and conducted immunit
  • Radiated and conducted emissions
  • Pre-defined test standards
  • Report generation
  • Equipment driver library
  • EUT monitoring
  • Reverb method
  • New Multi-tone capable: 2 tone saves up to 50% test time

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EMCware EMC Test Software provides automated testing to the following specifications:

IEC 61000-4-3
IEC 61000-4-6
CISPR 11, 13, 22, 26, 32
MIL-STD 461 RS103, CS114
Automotive Standards
RTCA /DO160 Section 20
Ability to create your own test standards